International Terms and Conditions


We do not ship or deliver items unless they have been paid in full. We accept:

– Paypal
– Bank transfer

– Cash (in store)
– Credit Cards (in store)

Processing fees may be incurred on certain payment methods.

Please pay for your chosen item as soon as possible.
If payment arrangements have not been made within 24 hours, we will return the item for sale on our shop.

International Shipping

We ship internationally.

Mementos bcn will arrange shipping for our customers, we will organize the quote, pickup and logistics as part of our service.  If your item is damaged during shipping then you must file a claim with the shipping carrier and/or insurance carrier in the case of damaged shipments. Compensation must be sought from the carrier and/or insurance provider. Mementos bcn does not issue refunds for items damaged during shipping. Shipping refunds are at the discretion of the carrier, as per their respective policies. Shipping fees will not be refunded by Mementos Bcn under any circumstances.

Customers are free to arrange their own shipping if they prefer it. If arranging your own shipment, be sure that your carrier will provide packing services and insurance. Contact us if you have special shipping needs- we are here to help.

Damage Claims
When your shipment arrives please inspect it at the time of arrival. Look for visible signs of damage on the exterior of the package. Photograph any external damage BEFORE opening the package. Freight deliveries: Notify the driver(s) of damage, please add any damage on the bill of lading paper work before signing and accepting the shipment. Items must be accepted in order to start the insurance claim process. Do not refuse shipments. If shipment is refused buyer is responsible for original AND return shipping fees. Initiate your damage claim within the first 24 hours of receiving the item. Contact the carrier directly to report the claim. If you have questions, contact us, we will guide you through the process. It is absolutely imperative that you follow all instructions specified by the shipping carrier and/or insurance carrier. Keep all original packing material AND merchandise. Do not dispose of the packing material or merchandise until your claim in settled. Submit all necessary documents and photos required. Do this in a timely manner. The sooner you get your documentation in, the faster your claim is processed and settled. Call or e-mail us if you are having any difficulty with the claim. We will help provide any support or documentation you may need.

Refunds and Exchanges

Return policy
All sales are final. Because of the nature of our pieces and their age, Mementos Bcn does not grant returns or exchanges. We make no exceptions to this, this includes in person sales, online sales, and telephone orders. We do our best to describe our items as accurately as possible. Please ensure you view all photos, read the entire item description and are aware of the dimensions. We are always available to answer any questions that might help you make a decision on an item, the best way to do this is by Email.

Most of these pieces are vintage items and all come with some evidence that they’ve been around for a long time so there will be marks, blemishes, chips and scratches. All the items have high resolution photos so you can zoom in and see in more detail, if you request it we can send you additional photos and a deeper description about a particular area on the piece if you’re unsure about something. We ask you to have reasonable expectations as these are not new pieces. Please expect some level of wear. Some items may have signs of refinishing which can leave different shades and textures, they may also have some draws and doors that don’t quite line up perfectly due to their age.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Terms and Conditions
Mementos Bcn wants to create positive sales transactions, loyal customers and good reviews.
Please read our terms and conditions of sale prior to purchase, you are acknowledging that you have read, fully understand, and agree to these terms of sale- Once you have purchased an item you are acknowledging the fact you are bound by these terms and conditions.
These policies apply to all online sales and telephone orders.  Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions about our terms and conditions of sale of sale.

All items are sold with no warranty or guarantee. Mementos Bcn takes every precaution to bring quality merchandise to you. Our items are usually waxed or polished with a high grade wax which may sometimes smell but will help keep the piece protected whilst being moved around. We disclose every known defect about an item on the listing. Many items that are this old may have had some repair or refinishing work at some point in the past, we cannot know when this may or may not of happened.  Please expect this as part of the age of the piece. Some items also may have had some replacement handles or pulls added over the life of the item, again we cannot know when if or when this has happened.
Electrical Warranty
All items are sold with no warranty or guarantee.
Some items may have old light fixtures, some of these items may or not work.  Take into account that pieces that come from different countries may work on a different voltage.